• 4 x features that Westbuilt includes as standard

    22nd August, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    This week we thought to do a bit of a round out of 4 of our primary inclusions that are standard on our modular homes. From council approvals, adjustable stumps, mixer taps to custom design – we’ve got a pretty high level of standard inclusion! So, click through to find out about how we have… Read more »

  • Are modular homes cheap? (The top misconception in the offsite building industry today.)

    9th August, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Are modular homes cheap? One of the most popular myths in the residential home market today is that all modular homes are cheap. Ok, yes you can get budget-priced modular homes – they’re called dongas. In this post, we dig into what the term ‘cheap’ means in a building context, when modular is right for… Read more »

  • 3 x contemporary style modular homes by Westbuilt.

    2nd August, 2019 | by David Westerman
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    Yep – it’s us again! We’ve put our top 3 contemporary style modular homes together all in the one spot! From the two-bedroom Bush Retreat to the four-bed Bergen we’re sure there’s something there to give you some inspiration! If you find yourself going, yeah, Nah, not for me – did you know we offer… Read more »