• Timeframe. The 1st benefit of building modular.

    15th May, 2020 | by David Westerman
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    Wondering what the benefits of building modular are? We’ve identified the four main reasons clients choose to build a modular or prefab home over any other form of homebuilding. This first post covers the significant primary benefit – time. Because let’s face it, who wants to wait a year or more for their home? Well,… Read more »

  • Your Home Loan. 3 key points to remember when applying for a loan.

    28th April, 2020 | by David Westerman
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    What are the three main components of bank loan approvals? 1. The valuation Home loans. We find that most of our clients come unstuck when they get to the property valuation. An expert, third party value will critically appraise your proposed new home and provide an estimate of what they believe your completed new home… Read more »

  • 6 ways to boost your modular home’s energy efficiency

    9th April, 2020 | by David Westerman
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    So often we get asked the question – how do I boost my modular home’s energy efficiency? So, we’ve looked at this issue in a bit of detail and come up with the top 6 ways we believe that our clients can increase the energy efficiency in their homes. Some are more complex ideas like… Read more »


    6th March, 2020 | by David Westerman
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    Power bills! No one wants them, they are always going up and yet we can’t really live without power. But – I think anyway – that the nicest feeling about power bills is when you actually pay less than the last one. And there is only one way that we know of to do this… Read more »

  • The Glenvale 2 Federation

    17th January, 2020 | by David Westerman
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    We have given the Glenvale 2 design a real workover, and we reckon it looks spectacular! Internally, we have just done a few smaller retouches, but on the outside is the most significant changes. With a striking Queenslanders / Federation façade, this home will look perfect on an acreage block. With full wrap-around verandahs, a… Read more »


    10th January, 2020 | by David Westerman
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    We are living in a time where most folks are contemplating ways of how they can help to reduce their carbon emissions to preserve the planet now and for future generations. We get this, and our team love to make suggestions to our clients to assist them in making their lovely new home more liveable… Read more »