Modular Home Cost

The cost of a new Westbuilt relocatable home varies depending on a number of factors. Where your land is located, your design and your inclusions are all critical in arriving at the price. Every one of our relocatable homes is as unique as our clients and every home is priced differently!

So, when it comes to working out the exact pricing for your new relocatable home, it is imperative that we sit down with you to work out what your exact requirements are. Things that are discussed are:

  1. The size and design of your home
  2. Your choice of inclusions
  3. Details about your site

That way, our design consultant will ensure that they are giving you the most relevant and accurate pricing for your new relocatable home.

Are Modular Homes Cheaper than Buying a Traditionally Constructed House?

Modular Homes are generally more cost-effective than traditional construction. This is primarily due to shorter build times as prefab homes are assembled in a controlled environment. When built in a factory a home isn’t affected by bad weather conditions which can often prolong traditional construction. Builders are also able to spend less time on site which can substantially cut costs when building in remote locations.

Why Prefab Homes are More Affordable

Westbuilt modular homes are generally ready to be transported from the factory within 8 weeks. After that, it takes an additional 2-3 week period to complete the delivery and installation. This short build time cuts costs for the owner as traditionally constructed houses average around a six month build time for a single-family home. The quicker you can move into your new home the less money is spent on rent and other expenses.

No Hidden Costs

Finally, the contract price for your new relocatable home is always fixed. A design consultant helps you through the process of getting the perfect home design. The sales administration team will take the preliminary steps that are critical to giving you a fixed and final price (such as engineering and soil tests). There will never be any hidden costs.


Westbuilt Homes offer our clients three standard levels of inclusions. These are:

  1. Bronze Level: This is our base pricing level. It will include delivery and installation of the relocatable prefab home at your site at a lower inclusion level. This excludes items such as floor coverings, verandahs, onsite connection to services. Bronze Level inclusions is the most economical pricing available.
  2. Gold Level: The standard pricing level is the most common for relocatable homes. It includes delivery and installation to your site, floor coverings, a generally good level of quality inclusions, and verandahs. This excludes the onsite connection to services such as septic, water, tanks and power.
  3. Platinum Level: This pricing is becoming more common in the relocatable home industry. The Platinum level includes a full premium package including a higher level of inclusions such as stone benches and timber floors. Obviously, with the increased inclusions level, this pricing is the highest. It is available to our clients on any home design.

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If you have your own vision for your house, we are happy to work with you to design the perfect layout that is tailored just for you.


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